Highly trained special ops military personnel. A criminal organization engaged in a nationwide kidnapping spree and terrorist plotting. Meticulous detail, non-stop action, and gut-wrenching drama.


Protect Hero offers near-real adventure that reflects the modern world’s raging drug and border wars, acts of terror, and the pervasive problem of human trafficking. As the leader of Seal Team Six, Captain Ryan Williams has built a distinguished military career. Performing valiantly under fire, he risked death to save his men while eliminating the terrorists responsible for a presidential assassination attempt.


Williams is ready for a well-deserved break, and when his grateful community offers him an all-expenses-paid night out with his wife, he happily accepts. It will be their first real date in years. The couple’s children, Jaxon and Emma, will spend the night at Momma’s Place, the local affiliate of a chain of nationwide sitting services. A night of relaxation turns cataclysmic when the organized crime syndicate known as the Cartel raids Momma’s Place locations across Arizona. Its reason for kidnapping every child present and Williams’ kids? To sell them as work slaves and prostitutes, to receive ransom payment from wealthy Americans, or to be sold as children to wealthy foreigners.


The Cartel’s leader also has personal reasons for stealing Williams’ kids, which Williams does not know. William’s first indication of danger comes from Jaxon’s frantic voice call message: “We are being taken! We are being taken!” Frustrated by the ineffectiveness of local law enforcement, desperate to save his children, Williams takes matters into his own hands. With the help of his fellow Navy Seals, his Army Ranger brother, and some well-placed government contacts, Williams forms Protect Hero, an elite private security force dedicated to the safe return of his children. The Cartel, which also dabbles in helping terrorists enter the United States and has reasons for stealing Captain Williams’ kids, thinks the raid on Momma’s Place was a major coup. Williams and his special ops friends are determined to show them just how wrong they are. The Cartel took the wrong children and now they have to deal with Captain Ryan Williams and Protect Hero.

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